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New Trance Artist name

2009-01-16 22:03:33 by Rawmin

I'm submitting all my new trance songs under the name DeltaFlow.


K thanks bai.

First Ban!

2008-12-12 22:30:59 by Rawmin

Well, in all my time of being here, this is my first ban. I'm actually kinda proud in a strange way.

I guess this is why I should stay outta general

First Ban!

NG Screensaver Contest!

2008-07-06 17:53:30 by Rawmin

So I've decided to start a contest here on newgrounds.

The thread pretty much sums it up, but basically I wanted to start a contest in which users would create their own, NG based screensavers in flash, which would then be judged, winners having theirs end up in the downloads section.

Read the thread for details, but I'm gonna need some judges, someone willing to convert the swfs into screensaver format, and permission from Tom.

Also, in the thread, I said to use a 640 x 480 resolution, but that was just a random resolution, since it won't matter what with the vector graphics, but I think it would be better to use a 1024x768 resolution, or something like that. I also want to offer different sizes.

Anyways, leave a comment with suggestions/willingness to help!

Symettrical Audio section!

2008-05-30 22:53:10 by Rawmin

I'm kinda board so I thought I'd make a news post. Firstly, w00t, my audio page has an equal amount of submissions in each year! (I'm kinda OCD about that). Secondly, I should be getting a chance to record in a professional studio some time in the near future, so that rocks too. Thirdly, I'm getting a new laptop, so I'll be able to work on my music and not tie up the family's PC. Thats about it!

Music on the school anouncements

2008-04-24 19:57:23 by Rawmin

At my school, we always play music over the P.A. before class starts. It's just songs that the anouncement team likes, but yesterday it was anounced that students who are in a band, or make music can submit a track to one of the teachers and if it passes judgement, it will be played before class. I'm gonna submit my remix of Keep on ravin. I just thought the whole thing was pretty cool.